About us

„Imagine there was Rammstein as baby music box songs“

When music producer and keyboardist Sven Martin was visiting his old school friend Joachim W. Hamann, entrepreneur and father of two, during a touring break in 2010 they both noticed: ‚we have to wait a while to play our kids the music we grew up with until they are bit older’. They both are into „louder“ music, not quite suitable for baby ears. Joachim was thinking: “Imagine they had Rammstein in music toy boxes...“ With this idea in mind Sven went back into his studio and started to try out things. After a few months of work with his fellow musicians in Los Angeles the first album was finished. „Wilkommen im Leben/Welcome to Life“ – rock and pop songs carefully arranged for baby ears with suitable instruments. Joachim’s kids loved it. The two friends gave away their music to day cares, midwifes, teachers and young mothers. The feedback was overwhelming:“Babies and children love it! They calm down and relax.“

Over time they released more albums and received much more feedback from moms and dads: „Why don’t you have music toys with your music?“ And so the simple music idea slowly developed into snu:mee – baby monitor, music box and mp3 player in one device.

With the HABA family of companies Sven Martin and Joachim W. Hamann found the ideal partner to realize their vision:  Baby Stars – rock2sleep belongs into every kid’s bedroom allover the world.