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„With Baby Stars – rock2sleep babies gain basal experiences and positive stimulation through sound. I was skeptical in the beginning, but am convinced now: The music of Baby Stars - rock2sleep is now part of my educational work with babies and toddlers."
(S. Waniek, physical therapist, Leipzig)

"The Baby Stars – rock2sleep music is a beautiful opportunity to create relaxing moments for you and your child, even during the time of pregnancy. The music inspires to hum and sing along, so that mother and child will always have an opportunity to find peace and relaxation."
(A. López, midwife, Leipzig)

Scientific research shows that babies experience music early on while still in the mothers' womb. From a medical point of view, soft music with harmonic rhythms and sounds is highly recommended. I personally consider the music of Baby Stars - rock2sleep very effective, since the mother finds joy listening to popular music which in return has a positive effect on her child.
(Dr. A Raabe, specialist for gynecology and obstetric)

"I am using Baby Stars – rock2sleep as a homework relaxing and placidity help for my 7-year-old."
(Nicole D., mother)

„All music toys that we’d been gifted give me bad feelings, because they play the same old songs either too loud or too fast. Wenn I play Baby Stars – rock2sleep our usually very active and loud voiced son relaxes, calms down and falls asleep. At first he only listened, now he’s even singing along. I love this music!“
(Claudia, TV producer and mother, Hamburg)

„It sounds too good to be true, but: When our baby is crying and nothing works anymore I play your version of Passenger and HE IS QUIET!!! Thank you, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. And: Why weren’t you around for our first child? ;)“.
(Wladimir, teacher, Hamburg)