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25. January 2015

Look who’s listening!

Look who’s listening!

snu:mee – a friend for music, snuggling and dreaming!

In the first months of a baby’s life every new day opens up a world of fascination and excitement. Good, if your baby has a friend like snu:mee, who offers comfort with soothing melodies and helps a peaceful sleep. Meanwhile snu:mee is nurturing the music sensibility of your offspring and with the soft sleeves will turn into a perfect cuddle companion. And snu:mee will never close its eyes; Like a real friend he watches out and will let you know when your baby needs you. You can control the integrated baby monitor comfortably from your smart phone. With the app you can not only „tune in live“ to your baby, buy you can also talk to it, choose and play new slumber tunes or even record your own voice. So you can end your day in a relaxed way.


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