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25. January 2015

Coming soon: A Tribute to P!nk

Coming soon: A Tribute to P!nk

The new Baby Stars – rock2sleep album “A Tribute to P!nk” interprets the best songs of the pop icon in our very own music box sound. Sign up for the newsletter of follow us on Facebook to be the first to know when the ultimate tribute to P!nk by Baby Stars – rock2sleep will be released.

Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. So What

  2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

  3. Who Knew

  4. Just Give Me a Reason

  5. Don't Let Me Get Me

  6. Fuckin' Perfect

  7. Try

  8. Family Portrait

  9. Dear Mr. President

  10. Please Don't Leave Me

  11. Just like a Pill

  12. I Don't Believe You

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