The Creators

Sven Martin: 16 years ago the young student and professional musician came to Los Angeles to intern at one of Hollywood’s most famous recording studios, fell in love with the city and its creative atmosphere and stayed. The mix of knowledge, persistence, curiosity and being down-to-earth like most Germans made him a sought after musician who got to tour the world with bands like t.a.T.u., Liz Phair and the German Bon Jovi tribute band Bounce. Since a few years he is composing and producing music and artists in his own studion in LA where he also creates the music for Baby Stars – rock2sleep. Success and worldwide touring never kept the 41 year old away from familiy, god childs and friends in Germany, which led to high air travel and phone bills but ultimately also led to the project Baby Stars – rock2sleep. Joachim W. Hamann: The Leipzig University alumni is the tough negotiator with the soft heart/spot at Baby Stars – rock2sleep. Once he catches fire for an idea nothing can stop him. This punch is what brought the delicate idea to make music for babies from a night out with old friends to a final product ready for the market. He started his carreer with an MBA from the Leipzig University, then became a corporate and start-up advisor for others and then switched sides to use his knowledge fulltime for Baby Stars – rock2sleep. He still resides with his family of five in Leipzig, Germany. The accomplished skillful strategist is still open for critical advice, especially from his children Mathilda and Moritz. A tactic that bears fruit, especially when it’s about producing products for children.

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